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Reviews From Past Clients

“Anne is a great person and professional, with a deep spirit and the right energy.  She is always striving to deepend her knowledge in Astrology and nurture her talent.  Her readings are spot on, she helped me understand better what I have been experiencing in my life recently and how I can better prepare for the future.  Her interpretation of my natal chart and personality made me more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.  I highly recommend Anne's readings.  She is kind, patient, and thorough.  I am glad she shares her gift with the world!

Catalina L.

"Receiving astrological readings from Anne has helped me have confidence and more trust in my life's path.  She is keenly in tune and educated in the nuances of astrology, which helps her give accurate readings.  She also is straightforward and direct, which I appreciate.  Her readings have helped me through some intense times in my life, being able to trust things would work out well, but also honest clarity when there might be a time of loss so I could prepare my expectations.  She's also helped me to understand when there have been good times for me to take action on something.  It feels like getting personalized insider life hack information!" 

Lauren E.

"Anne did a astrology reading for me close to a year ago and I'm so thankful she did.  It has helped me understand myself in ways that I've been needing for years.  I feel more connected with who I am than I ever have. I still reference my chart to understand things about my life and myself.  If you feel stuck or getting into the same cycle of pain over and over, she can help! I know she did for me, and I'm so thankful."

Allie V.

"Over the past decade, I have had multiple chart readings, card readings, personal yoga sessions and more with Anne.  Each of these interaction has provided me with such needed clarity and a deeper understanding of my past and current self.  Be it in person, virtually or by phone, Anne has a special ability to provide a safe and comforting environment.  Because she communicates in a sensitive, positive and caring manner, I am more able to open myself to the insightful information provided.  Most importantly, I know all of my questions will be answered in a sincere and authentic presence."

"Julie A."

I truly don’t know where to start. The session with Anne was one infused with deep knowledge, wisdom and compassion. The conversation flowed like one I could have with an old friend. Although she knew little to no personal details about myself, through my chart she really saw me. She provided immeasurable insights, bringing awareness to  areas of life to release and also cultivate and nurture. I’m incredibly grateful for the supportive modalities she suggested and have already started implementing them. Anne has a true and powerful gift! 

"Kat D."

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