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anne marie astrology chart reading

Complete analysis of your birth chart.  Your birth chart is the path you are walking on.  It becomes your own personal book of life that contains all that has already happened and all future events. Our lives, however, are not just a collection of events.  We all have outer and inner lives of equal importance and in need of balancing.  Astrology helps us uncover this true self and explore underlying psychological aspects that motivate our choices and shape our outer circumstances.  Each reading is private and personal to you alone because your life is simply a reflection of you.  Discover deeper insights that often take much longer to uncover with traditional therapies.

Duration: Typically 60-90 minutes. Zoom Recorded and follow-up email with notes from session. 

In-Person, Zoom or Emailed / $100

Birth Chart: Soul Purpose Reading

Relationship Reading
Birth chart Reading


Current Offerings

anne marie astrology relationship compatibility reading

Relationship Compatibility Reading

In Person, Zoom or Emailed / $80

A relationship reading is beneficial whether you are considering starting a new one (A "Should I get involved with this person") or for those who would like to take a deeper look into an already established relationship.  For these, we will examine planetary points of how you as individuals intersect to create compatibility and if the relationship has long term potential, and what will be its strengths and weaknesses as you build your life together. 

Duration: Typically 60-90 minutes. Zoom Recorded and follow-up email with notes from session. 

yearly Transit Reading
anne marie astrology solar return varshaphala chart reading

Varshaphal: Solar Return Reading

In Person, Zoom or Emailed, $80

What is your fortune for the year? Knowing what's immediately on the horizon will best prepare you for life's twists and turns.  The Solar Return chart is calculated based on the exact moment the Sun returns to its exact degree when you were born.  This snapshot of the sky gives the coming year's potential events, fortunate days and deeper themes you'll be discovering along the way.  Includes print-out of all important dates for the year in list or calendar form.

Duration: Typically 60 minutes. Zoom Recorded and follow-up email with notes from session.   

anne marie astrology birth chart health analysis reading

Health Analysis

In person, Zoom or Emailed / $80

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.” - Hippocrates 

Every astrologer with true merit is also a counselor of a person's health which is much more than skin deep. Our chart determines the underlying health conditions we may experience and deeper imbalances that may result.  Discover what will specifically bring you into a state of health physically, emotionally and mentally. I offer specific remedies upon requested but are not a requirement.  Often these allow a person to approach themselves without labels or a diagnosis which can further root disease in the body and mind. 

Duration: Typically 60-90 minutes. Zoom Recorded and follow-up email with notes from session. 

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