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New Moon in Aquarius February 1, 2022

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The new moon in Aquarius conjuncts the planet Saturn in its exaltation point. A look into what this new moon means and what it will bring the next month.

This can be a difficult conjunction so let's talk about these three planets together: Sun, Moon and Saturn. The moon with an exalted Saturn is not the most gentle energy but it is a call to do the necessary work and really focus your creative energy. Not in the sense of trying to focus on your own self in a way but more of how can I use my creative energy to make the world a better place? Not just using it for your own self because you can see the bigger picture.

“When the Sun and Saturn get together there is an overt focus on the body because the Sun is our soul and where our creative force for our soul comes from and who we truly are. The moon is our personality and who we present to the public. Saturn is all the things we are not and it represented our body, mortality and death which are temporary and not who we really are.”

When Sun and Saturn are together temporarily in transit or if you have this conjunction in your chart it makes the body overly focused on and the person thinks that its all about them. It's a "world revolves around me" type of syndrome.

An example of this is Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone so you can see the huge over compensation of masculine energy and huge ego identification of trying to perfect the body and the image of the body and it also creates that the best use of their creative potential and energy is the body.

Saturn separates us from the inspiration of the Sun

When a person is separated from the higher inspiration that comes from the sun (#sun #saturn #moon #conjunction) they think that the best creative use is sexual energy. This idea of the best thing I can create is a sexual experience or even children but not in a consciously trying to bring children into the world with a higher purpose in mind. For that to the case Jupiter would need to be involved. So they lack the ability to harness that sun since they're being separated from it since they're just focused on the Ego.

The #Ego is just an idea so the more you focus on that Ego and trying to validate the Ego's existence is impossible since you're trying to validate an idea which isn't real. As a result its difficult to move past the perceived weaknesses or things they've done wrong and it drags them down and it further creates an unhealthy ego. However, what they're projecting is perfection so it can come across as a narcissistic behavior or arrogance at its worst. Another symptom will be the presence of jealousy. When all you can see is separate existence and you feel you are separate from another person or the world itself and so you'll perceive that someone has something that you don't have.

Developing a Healthy Self Image & Ego

The best use of our Sun, our creative intelligence, can admit when they're wrong or that they have weaknesses. They don't act from these places and instead act and use their strengths to move past things that were hard and share their strengths with the world. When the Sun transits to Pisces it will be conjunct Jupiter which is currently in transit there for most of 2022. A much better opportunity to create the highest and best use of your vision.

Upcoming Transits February 2022

  • New Moon in Aquarius: 2/1/2022

  • Mercury Direct: 2/3/2022

  • Mercury transit to Aquarius: 2/14/2022

  • Full Moon in Leo: 2/16/2022

  • Sun transit to Pisces: 2/18/2022

Saturn & Moon Conjunction

When Saturn and Moon are together in transit like they are now or if you have this combination in your chart. Where the Saturn-Sun is a bigger deal or more difficult for a man a Saturn Moon can be more difficult conjunction for a woman as it is more feminine.

Instead of a mental (Sun) it creates an emotional (Moon) lack than a body/mental thing. So even when great things are happening in a persons life they will feel separated from them or unable to enjoy those good qualities within themselves or outside of themselves. This can create depression because their moon is not able to fully enjoy the knowledge that everything they need is already within themselves. It is truly a time to go inward and find the fulfillment within yourself instead of looking for it outside of yourself where it may be hard to find or you may feel even more lack as a result. Take care and talk soon.

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