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Jupiter In Pisces Transit December 28, 2021 - May 11, 2022 & October 28th - December 20, 2022

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Jupiter in Pisces is home again in the watery 12th Moksha house of spirituality and letting go of earthly concerns

Jupiter departs from its conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius on December 28th, 2021 and entered Pisces, it's own house where it will remain until May 11th, 2022. On May 11th it will then move forward into Aries until it begins to retrograde and moves back into Pisces on October 28th until December 20, 2022. As the second slowest moving planet Jupiter usually remains in each sign for a year to a year and a half. The slowest moving planet is Saturn which changes signs about every two and a half years.

“Jupiter is the great benefit planet. It gives luck, grace, fortune and produces the spiritual counselor, husband and children in the chart.”

Jupiter represents the creative spark we all innately have to see the vision of our lives and gives the inspiration to go after what means most to us. The more this connection is fostered the more Jupiter gives to us.

Another name for Jupiter is Guru which means heavy and so with Jupiter's weight we attract and pull in all the things that we need and none of the things we don't.

This can be compared to a guru or teacher who attracts his students by the sheer weight of the knowledge and wisdom he carries.

The Myth of Jupiter: Vamana and Bali

One of the avatars of Jupiter is Vamana which means "Short Stature" and his presiding diety is Indra. A common image related to Jupiter is one of Bali (an Asura) who surrenders to Vamana (also an incarnation of Vishnu) after he surrendered all of his worldly possessions and power.

From this act of surrender he was freed from all of his material attainments and blessed to become Indra, the God of the Devas, in another cycle of creation and granted access to a heavenly realm until that time came.

Primary Names: Guru "Heavy" or Brihaspati: "Lord of Prayer"

Caste: Brahmin A spiritual counselor

Gener: Masculine (initiating)

Element: Ether (Sound/Hearing, Mantra, Knowledge from Sound/Vocal Chords)

Organ: Brain and rules fats/lipids in the body

Saumya: Gentale & Fully Kapha

Guna: Sattva (true essence)

Represents: Wisdom, abundance & joy

Place: Where valuable are stored (banks, safes in the house, places of treasure)

Karaka (Producer of): Teacher, Husband (in woman's chart), children and paternal grandfather

Age: Middle Years (50-70 years)

Number: 5 (Pentacle)

Friends: Sun, Moon, Mars

Neutral: Saturn

Enemies: Mercury, Venus

Well Placed Jupiter without afflictions:

Person feels inane sense of purpose, full of inspiration and they follow it. Accepts and is receptive to wisdom and guidance, full of not only intelligence but the true understanding of what they devote themselves to and why.

Afflicted Jupiter:

Person questions their purpose and does not follow it or does so with a lack of energy. Unable to let go of missed opportunities or what was not meant for them and holds onto the experience of the loss instead of seeing it as making room for what will work out better for them and serves their unique purpose.

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