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Upcoming transits: April 14th - May 13th 2022

Transits are happening all of the time causing everything from the small to the large events in our life. I've listed below the most notable I will be watching over the next couple of months.

How do you know which ones will actually impact your personally though?

The most important transits for you personally are those that are transiting over your:

  1. Atmakaraka Placement (Self producer planet that has the highest degree in your chart)

  2. Lagna (rising or ascendant sign)

  3. Lagna lord (Planet that rules your ascendant sign)

  4. Planets aspecting the Lagna Lord

  • 4/14/2022: Mars transits to Pisces where it will be conjunct Venus, Jupiter and Neptune ending the current conjunction of Mars in Saturn in Aquarius.

  • 4/16/2022: Full Moon in Libra aspected by North Node (Rahu), Mercury and Saturn

  • 4/19/2022: Sun transits to Taurus. If you're a Taurus Sun Happy Birthday - this is the actual time to make your new year resolutions as you start a new cycle.

  • 4/29/2022: Mercury transits to Gemini aspected by Mars, Neptune, Venus and Jupiter

  • 5/2/2022: Venus transits to Aries ruled by Mars

  • 5/10/2022: Jupiter transits to Aries conjunct Venus and aspected by Saturn

  • 5/10/2022: Mercury goes retrograde in its own sign Gemini and tracks backward into Taurus

  • 5/20/2022: Sun transits to Gemini

  • 5/22/2022: Mercury continues to retrograde and goes back into Taurus

  • 5/28/2022: Venus transits to its own sign of Taurus

  • 5/30/2022: New Moon in Gemini

  • 6/3/2022: Mercury direct in Taurus

  • 6/4 -10/22/2022: Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius

  • 6/13/2022: Mercury transits to Gemini

If you're curious about what your atmakaraka is, rising or ascendant sign or diving in deeper to your personal chart and what transits and other planetary combinations are impacting your chart specifically click Learn More to inquire about my current offerings:

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