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Spring Planting Dates

While most think of and use astrology as a spiritual, psychological and predictive science it is also a very practical one as well. The timing of things tends to matter and while you can't wait for the perfect time to do everything some activities are worth planning in advance. In my opinion, a garden is one of them.

A person has a natural green thumb and knack for growing things in general if the Moon is strong in the chart. It is after all the moon which allows for the growth of all things internal and external. Even so, we can always improve and the Moon rewards those who connect to its natural rhythms and cycles.

Will you be starting a garden this year?

  • Yes!

  • Nope!

  • I am planning to utilize my local CSA and/or farmers markets

I shared a few quick dates on my instagram page but thought I would also post this here in case anyone would also benefit, too. I will post more dates for next month in about a week so stay tuned!

March Sewing Seeds Dates

Supplies To Plant Seeds

Happy Planting!

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