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Saturn Transit To Pisces

Duration of Transit: March 7, 2023 - February 13, 2026

Saturn will transit through Pisces for almost 3 years and many changes will occur as a result. This will be a general take on this transit as your personal experience will of course be determined by what sign placement Pisces represents in your horoscope as well as what aspects and conjunctions it will form as well.

Saturn will finish its transit through its own houses of Capricorn and Aquarius so the negative results usually associated with Saturn have been mitigated for this duration. While Saturn has transited Aquarius, its MulaTrikona (Root Trine) placement, the last two years Saturn has been extremely strong. I do hope you took advantage! Look to the sign placement of Aquarius to see where you have been asked to put in extra effort in your life.

To book a personalized reading to see how this transit will affect you please see my booking page to set up a session via zoom or in person.

The Sign Of Pisces

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and signifies the death of the ego or moving away from individuality and into a consciousness based on inherent connectedness with all. It is the final step of our soul's path to release false ideas of the self and accompanying false ideas about who we think we are. At the moment of transit, Saturn will be conjunct both the Sun and a debilitated Mercury. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces because and tends to make people feel burdoned by needing to break laws and the plans they have to live and thrive in this world. Needing to break the status quo and doing things in the "right order" or "following directions" will be themes that come up early on with this transit especially.

Water Sign: Moksha

Pisces, as a water sign, it is also a moksha or enlightenment house which is best suited to spiritual development and surrender. The water element is self contemplating and more interested in self-discovery and transcendence of one's own consciousness. This leads to the discovery that everything is the self. It is the house of where we were before we were born and shows past lives and dream states we may travel to. These discoveries may come as a delight or a terrifying fear of loss of what once was. We can choose to hold onto old notions with a tight grasp or let go and discover wisdom - the true gift of Pisces's lord and ruler, Jupiter.

Lord/Ruler Of Pisces: Jupiter

Jupiter rules the ether element and therefore gives the space for all other elements to manifest. It is ever expansive and like true wisdom has no beginning or end. Saturn rules the air element and fills this "space" with another invisible yet important life sustaining element in this world. Saturn, ruling the air element, is the sudra or servant whose job in the body is to expel and get rid of harmful debris which it does through the lungs (yin organ) and large intenstine (yang organ). As Pisces is the feminine sign of Jupiter, it rules the yin organ which is the lungs. This transit will be an important time to cultivate a breath or pranayayma practice to continually cleanse through this action in our body.

Saturn/Jupiter Relationship

With Saturn transiting Jupiter ruled Pisces - Saturn will receive a benefic influence from Jupiter, however, as a separating and delaying planet Saturn will also give these after a perceived loss and over a longer period of time than we expect as is his usual fashion. Pisces is also a dual sign which is ruled by Vishnu. Vishnu is the sustainer and takes things to a more developed higher expression. This also makes Pisces nature to be stable sometimes and also dynamic other times.

Dristhi Aspects

Saturn will aspect the 7th place from itself during this time, Virgo, and also cast a special aspect to the 3rd and 10th house.

  • The 3rd house represents our siblings, neighbors, courage, and short journeys.

  • The 10th house represents our power/influence in the world, responsibility and ability to focus on tasks we are known for (the fruits of our labor).

With these aspects, Saturn will be looking upon Mercury ruled Virgo, Venus ruled Taurus and Jupiter ruled Saggitarius. Depending on sign number, planetary placements and aspects these areas of your life will be under the influence of Saturn for the next three years as well.

Essentially, Taurus rules over getting our worldly needs met - which has been under constant threat especially with the transit of the north node over Taurus since January 19, 2022.

Saggitarius rules higher learning, knowledge, wisdom and religous law. These will all be under the gaze of Saturn during this time as well.

Saturn's represents nature and it is obvious to state that it is very difficult to survive in nature. While we have created many conveniences and buffers it goes without saying that modern man would not last long without these. Saturn can give the harshness and raw power of nature especially toward our water systems which we have already seen previews of with water contaminations and severe flooding.

Saturn Transiting on a Full Moon

Saturn entering Pisces during a full moon in Virgo is also fascinating timing. Virgo is represented by the young woman/maiden - the symbol of what we as a society must protect. I believe Saturn will show us how we have and have not been able to do this and shine a greater need to work harder to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It will also show us how to increase our ability as a collective to care for this world, the earth we walk upon, the feminine spirit embodied.

Many lessons will be given to us during this time. We can choose to be angry or we can choose to be curious and learn, grow through difficultly and understand that our evolution is never over. We will see how our institutions have failed us and hopefully see how the destruction of some of these is necessary to build a society that does not harm those it was meant to protect.

Saturn will also transit right before the two eclipse cycles this year that begin in May. I may cover these in a later blog post but they will occur in the Taurus/Scorpio axis further emphasizing the themes we have been experiencing since early 2022.

Saturn's transit from the moon

In your own chart look to see the sign position of Saturn from your moon. Saturn does well in the 3rd, 6th and 11th from your moon. For those experiencing these transits it will be a noted time of progress and making strides in whatever is important to them.

Sadi Saati

Also note if Saturn is beginning or continuing a period of Sadi Saati or when Saturn is in the 1st, 2nd or 12th from your natal moon. While this will be a time of difficulty Saturn is attempting to change your attitiude and also your self-concept as the moon represents our individualtiy, ego and personality in this world. These will undergo great changes which require you to especailly let go of any self limiting concepts about yourself. If you would like specific recommendations or help with this transit please reach out to me and I am happy to help.

Developmental Themes

Overall, Saturn transiting to Pisces is attempting bring a higher level of spiritual discipline. For three years you will have the opporutnity to harness perhaps a latent spiritual side of yourself. You may have already been focusing on this and now it will be a time of testing these practices to see if they hold up or not.

You must ask yourself - why? What is it preparing you for? For us all on this planet? Perhaps that is something for you to mediatate on individually. During this time you may see a more intense focus on your spiritual life if you have already commited to a spiritual path. You may also change your spiritual path or beliefs during this time seeing how it may or may not be the best fit for you. By the end of this transit you will see this side of yourself completely transformed. I would urge you to make it a priority especially as it will give you a foundation of strength to rely upon in the future.

Saturn is always a planet that rewards us for being willing to show up and do hard things. Often these rewards are not seen for a very long time, however, all great success is usually one that is worked toward for many years, without any recognition and yet you do it anyway. Saturn rewards this sometimes with an external reward that we usually think of in our modern age. I do this - I get that. Often, Saturn rewards us with an internal change. An attitude adjustement and better habits that makes our life truly work in the long run instead of creating more frustrations for ourselves.

Our ability will be tested to overcome these things and knowing when to work hard and also when to rest. Saturn likes to work and then be lazy. There is no rush to get things done it is more of a constant plodding along and the experience is often felt like one is lame - trying to walk with a less than an ideal body down our path. Saturn meets this with perseverance and patience. Qualities that we can all benefit from and we will look back on and feel a healthy sense of pride for not needing instant results from our actions. In this sense, Saturn can be our great champion though he is often put down upon.

Saturn rules long term projects and goals - what do you dream of accomplishing? Are you willing to work for many years to achieve it? The health of your Saturn placement will show how successful you will be in this endeavor.

I hope this has been helpful to you. I hope you see Saturn as a great friend - as all of the planets and their transits are attempting to evolve your conciousness if you will humbly allow the process to unfold as it is meant to.


Anne Marie

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