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New Moon In Leo - August 16 2023

Summer is fading and we begin the transition from summer to fall. Leo wants you to birth your latest creation and manifest it through your career to help you stabilize your finances. Get ready for new ideas and big changes!

What last desires do you wish for? Does it align with and support your individuality? Is what you are receiving in return feel good?

New Moon in Leo: Conjunctions and Aspects

This new moon occurs in Leo and is conjunct a retrograde Venus. Venus is an enemy to both the Sun and the Moon and so we approach wanting to re-evaluate any long term partnerships that are based on a win-win agreement. It may feel particularly intense with the square aspect of Uranus which often causes upsets in relationships, too. Jupiter in the 10th from the Moon will bring luck in following new ideas in your career and helping you along.

A Focus on Partnerships

This could be a romantic or business/work partnership and important conversations need to occur to make sure it is worth it to continue joining forces toward a similar goal or if it is time to part ways and make room for a better deal to come around.

  • Notice your insistence on things needing to be a certain way.

  • Is it time to be more flexible and accommodating to what others are bringing to the table?

  • Can you do that while maintaining your own course or is it dragging you down?

You may have been feeling these themes since Venus went retrograde in Leo on July 23rd. This will be hitting your partnerships in particular if you are an Aquarius rising sign as it is affecting your 7th house as well as if you have Sun, Moon or Atmakaraka in Leo.

The good part: Venus is receiving an aspect from Jupiter which is always beneficial and will help you step back and see the bigger picture. You'll be brimming with new ideas to proceed forward.

Planetary Aspects of Mercury, Mars and Saturn on new moon in Leo

They're the ones bringing the heat. Mercury is conjunct Mars and aspected by Saturn. This can cause for more intense frustrations to surface and Mars likes to solve problems often by breaking them. It isn't the most gentle of energies. Notice if your ability to react in a lighthearted manner to a situation seems under more pressure. Your likelihood of losing your temper inappropriately is higher at this time.

  • Channel the fiery energy into the ground and make concrete changes as a way to blow off steam.

If your natal moon is in Leo listen up

Saturn in the 8th house from your moon and wants to bring bigger changes into your life and often does this abruptly. The winds of change are calling...will you answer it or shut the door and hide? Saturn placed here gives the power to make bigger moves and changes especially if your natal moon is in Leo.

New Moon in Leo in Hasta Nakshatra

The new moon in Leo occurs in the Nakshatra: Hasta. It's power or shakti is to help you gain what you are seeking and place it directly in your hands.

  • This nakshatra shows how tied our ego is to this world to satisfy our senses.

  • As a mineral Nakshatra, it calls for you to remain in your own place and ask for support when necessary.

At the full Moon on August 30th in Pisces you will see the result and full illumination of what occurs in the next two weeks. It may feel emotionally sobering as it is conjunct Saturn. Make plans now to take extra care of yourself especially if you have personal planets in Pisces (Sun, Moon, Atmakaraka)

Full moon in Pisces on August 30th prompt:
While desires are a part of being human at what cost are they to be had? Am I willing to pay the price? If it is too high am I willing to let it go?

Take care,

Anne Marie

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