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Mars Transit Through Capricorn January 24 - March 5, 2022

Mars joins with Retrograde Venus and Mercury in Capricorn to create a powerful combination in this transit through the natural 10th house ruled by Saturn.

The time is ripe to use Mars to its full effect and pursue what you are truly hungry for. Mars rules the fire element and therefore burns away what is no longer needed in our lives and creates a hunger for accomplishing his goals. Mars also gives the self discipline and courage to push past obstacles to get things done quickly and efficiently.

“Mars in exalted in Capricorn: The natural 10th house of accomplishment and power. Consider your choices wisely and you'll be able to scale the mountain quicker than expected during this period if you stay focused.”

Mars conjunct retrograde Venus and Mercury

One of the main topics that became part of the cultural vernacular was retrograde planets and thus a lot of misinformation was spread. To set the record straight: Retrograde planets are not inherently good or bad. When a planet is retrograde is simply appears closer to the Earth (the human's point of view) and therefore its affects are stronger. This can be extremely positive for the individual depending on the birth chart. So please, discontinue blaming any negative affects on a planet because it is retrograde. It's not the reason your washing machine died.

Mars & The Permanent Relationship Between Planets

The planets much like human have permanent and temporary relationships with each other which help further or hinder each others goals. Below I will discuss the permanent relationship Mars has with Venus and Mercury who are also conjunct Mars for the majority of this transit.

Mars has a neutral relationship to Venus but is an enemy to Mercury.

Mars and Venus naturally work together to accomplish what they think is worth exerting the effort into. Mars and Mercury on the other hand go against eachother because Mars would like to rush in and fix things and quickly as possible while Mercury will want to slow this process down and do things in a more methodical by the book manner which frustrates the goals of Mars.

Venus is a friend to mercury and neutral to Mars

Venus and mercury and both benefic planets (more on this later) and therefore work quite well together and as mentioned above Venus is netural toward Mars for reasons already stated.

Mercury is a friend to Venus and neutral to Mars

Mercury also extends his friendship to Venus and helps Venus accomplish his goals as well. While Mercury is also neutral to Mars helping Mars accomplish his goals by navigating the concrete world to get the job done.

Keep these relationship in mind as Mars through Capricorn until he transits to the sign of Aquarius on March 5th, 2022. This transit will affect all individuals differently depending on which Rasi (house) and Bhava cusp Capricorn falls under on the natal birth chart which will let you know what part of your life will undergo the changes Mars brings.

For more information or to book an astrological reading please refer to my services page above "readings" or contact me directly to get on my schedule.

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